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Fire Alarm

Design, Installation

Fire alarm is a basic element in security system of any premises. This security system allows showing the situation in the guarded site in real time and identifying the fire spot. USS Security group of companies provides full complex fire security services. We provide services in projecting, maintenance and fire fighting system installation monitoring.

Fire alarm services contain:

  • fire alarm design and installation, alert system and people evacuation management at fire;
  • design and fire monitoring equipment installation;
  • fire fighting system installation monitoring;
  • operational reaction on the signal from fire fighting system by mobile groups;
  • consultancy on fire security and fire protection.

There is a target fire alarm that allows identifying which sensor alerted that consequently allows hot spot localization.

Independent fire alarm serves to identify the hot spot. When the sensor alerts, the system sends a signal to the central security console or sms-message on the client’s or person’s in charge mobile device.


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