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Video Surveillance

Installation, Maintenance

Video monitoring is one of the most modern types of technical security. Video security allows permanent on-line visual control over the area. This type of security system allows not only to capture, but also to record the visual images coming from the cameras installed. Together with security and fire alarm, access control system and other security tools, video monitoring significantly improves the efficiency of the security system complex.

The major video monitoring tasks are:

  • Signal acceptance and video production;
  • Monitoring and recording in real time;
  • Sound recording;
  • Simplicity and comfort in working with video archive;
  • Export of archived data in usable formats;
  • Full data transfer management within the network;
  • Operation in autonomous regime.

The security video monitoring allows transferring the video not only to USS Security operator, but also to the client’s mobile device. The visual control over the guarded site also allows site video registration and avoiding false alarms. In general, video monitoring helps to reduce physical security costs covering spaces, which don’t require permanent security men’s presence.

In case of alarm situation, USS Security operators visually evaluate the nature and complexity of the given situation and if necessary dispatch a wheeled patrol to the alarmed site. Besides, if necessary, police, ambulance, fire brigade etc can called to.


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