Install a video surveillance system – ensure the safety of your property

This phrase from the theory has become an axiom for the residents of one of the houses on the street E. Chavdar, Darnytskyi district, Kiev. Residents decided to organize and establish a surveillance system covering the perimeter of the parking lot and driveway.

Yes, a good level of video surveillance system is not a cheap pleasure, but it becomes a mere penny, when organized several dozen apartments. And the benefit is clear and not only for the residents of the house. Judge for yourself.

With the help of the installed system were disclosed types of offenses such as car theft from the parking lot, an accident at the exit of the territory adjacent to the house into the street, and, most importantly, onai helped catch criminals who robbed freestanding cash machines outside bank branches to means of counterfeit credit cards. Company USS Security – we will ensure your safety!