Special offer for UK customers “Talisman Insurance” and the USS Security – double protection of property.


Insurance company “Talisman Insurance” together with a group of security USS Security companies have developed a special offer for its customers for the protection of property #двойнаязащита.

“Own a house, whether your or rented, has a high material value, moreover, decoration, repair, equipment and facilities of housing is often at a cost equal to the value of the property itself. – Says Asya Trubitskaya Deputy “Talisman Insurance” General Insurance Director. – But in addition to the cash value, not less important is the emotional value of personal belongings. For each element of the decor, clothes and modern gadgets that we buy, install, accumulate it the best moments of life, such as photos on your phone – it’s part of our life, a piece of our wasted time, it is our memory. And unfortunately, does not always buy a new laptop instead of a stolen or spoiled, it can return the emotions due to a short circuit, which will forever remain in it.”.

IC “Talisman Insurance” and a group of security companies USS Security developed a special protective package that allows 200% to make sure that during your absence your home and your personal belongings under the double protection – insurance and security. This joint solution has been developed to meet the requirements of the main customers of both companies – in peace and security needs.

Insurance Each customer “Talisman Insurance”, which entered into any insurance contract, receives a certificate for 1 month free home security or apartment from a group of security companies USS Security. In turn, all customers USS Security at the conclusion of the contract of insurance of property (house or apartment) get 13 month of insurance coverage as a gift.

«“Unfortunately, we must note the fact that the number of burglaries in Ukraine over the past 2 years has increased significantly. According to the official statistics of the National Police in 2015 in Ukraine 22043 committed burglaries, and in Kiev more than 6400. In the period from January to February 2016 the number of burglaries in Kiev has increased by 13% compared to the same period last year. So, for two months in the capital robbed in 1188 apartments. According to information of the national police, the theft apartments People’s Deputy of Ukraine has been registered in the current year, whereas last year was not a single similar fact – says Lolita Haas, CEO of USS Security Ukraine.

“Your safety – our care!” Is our corporate slogan, which describes the main principle of the USS Security Guard service – customer safety and security of his life, property and business above everything else.”

Contents insurance contract and to obtain a certificate for the protection simple – talisman-sk.com.ua/home on site or by phone: 0 800 5000 10.

Make a contract guard house or apartment can be on the site