Presentation of the art space of the new format and the exhibition of paintings by Gerard Salomon Wasserman.

A brand new art space Gonchar, 22, brought together business format with exhibitions of contemporary art. As part of the gallery is planned to hold business presentations, workshops, film screenings, fashion show, and the VIP-parties with the European approach.

«Traveling around the world, I realize that the transformation in our country does not depend on solutions from above, but from ourselves. That is why we have to Julius Zlenko had the idea of building and popularizing a new European project for business and leisure “- said co-owner of K & Z ART ROOM Edward Kalivoshko.

In addition to all visitors functioning art cafe, where you can work in kovorkingovom center and a pleasant business meeting.

At the opening of an exhibition of paintings by French artist Gerard Salomon Wassermana “Enigmatizm”. Meaning enigmatizma very confusing. In English enigma is a mystery, a mystery, something mysterious and enigmatic meaning vague, mysterious, which has no clear meaning or deep hidden meaning.

Style Wassermana same mysterious, as the value enigmatiuma. The artist uses the “free association” technique in order to release the flow of images from his mind in association with his chosen theme. This psychoanalytic method, invented by Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.

The event was a performance of the singer, creator of many songs and projects around the world – Paul Manondiza.

Guests of the evening: Marysia Gorobets, Nicholas Kobza, Tatiana Petrakov with her husband Edward, Sergei Kostecki, Valeria Marchi, Oleg Pinchuk, Alice Savinskaya Alina Paly, Yaroslav Rudenko Sergey Poyarkov and many others.